Our main aim is to relieve you from any worries connected to development or service of a website. We offer our clients a helping hand from the beggining. Starting at domain setup, through first concepts up to launching of a final project. But we will be there for you even long time after that.
We work with stable and current versions of PHP, HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap. We do not use framework full of modules we don´t know. Our programmers have developed innovative code that uses set of tools and functions created by us. Accordingly, your websites are build upon reliable application frame that we know perfectly and we take responsibility for.

Prices listed below have informative character. We will give you exact price offer according to your demand. Price can vary depending on following factors: domain type, type of hosting, type of SSL certificate, number of email accounts, range of graphic works, range and nature of programming works and scope of technical support provided for your website.
All prices are without VAT.

We use one of the most popular agile methods AGILE SCRUM !

It helps us hand you over functioning project in a short time, ensure prompt feedback and suggest upgrades and adaptations to surrounding changes.

DOMAINSfrom 20 € / year

According to your demand we purchase and set up any kind of domain.

HOSTINGfrom 50 € / year

We provide suitable type of hosting for the websites we develop. It includes basic hosting, own server or cloud.

SSL CERTIFICATESfrom 30 € / year

SSL certificate is an inevitable part of every domain. It serves as a protection of data transmission between server and users visiting your page. Pages without SSL certificates get SEO penalization and browsers show warnings in order to prevent users from visiting those pages.

E-MAIL ACCOUNTSfrom 75 € / year

We provide you with mailboxes to your domain. Our suggestion is G-Suite from Google.

DESIGN from 200 €

Our talented and experienced graphic designer will create all graphic assets such as:

  • Corporate identity – logo, design manual, business cards, promotional material(letterhead, envelopes, flyers, pens, notepads, diaries,...) etc.
  • Web design – design of a website, banners and guide for photographer

PROGRAMMING from 500 €

We develop a solution that meets your requirements. It doesn‘t matter if it´s presentation web, complex website with several functionalities, portal solution, mobile app or internal system for your employees.


It is important to take care of produced website. Regular updates of web content and technicalities are neccessary. We offer monthly or anual package that is designed according to your needs.


Our code meets basic OnPage Settings requirements for the seach engine optimalization. The point is right code hierarchy and structure, meta tags of pages or images, optimal compression of images etc.



Text content of your website should be gramatically correct and make a good sense. It should be written the way it´s understandable for your target category. We think that the best way to ensure that is that you write down the content you want on your website and let it be corrected and styled by professionals.

Graphic material

Quality photos are important part of every website. Your offices, team, products or any other visual material needs to be documented well.

SEO and advertisement

Don´t forget that launching the website is only the beginning. The process of attracting new potentional customers is also important.

Testing and analysis

Significant part of most projects, that helps your web meets its purpose. Analysis of page visitors behaviour reveals its strong and weak sides.

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